A Unified Voice for the DI Community

The Leadership Council for Digital Infrastructure is a voluntary collective of leaders who represent key stakeholders that have a part to play in the creation of a world-leading, advanced digital infrastructure ecosystem for Canada.

Canada has made major strides over the past decade to build upon some of the key pieces of this ecosystem, but efforts have, at times, been fragmented and the growth uneven.

DI Summit 2012 – A Vision for an Advanced DI
Canada’s world-class advanced Digital Infrastructure ecosystem benefits society by accelerating research, innovation and education.

In June of 2012, the first Digital Infrastructure (DI) Summit was held to develop a vision statement and a set of guiding principles for an advanced DI ecosystem in Canada. The creation of the Leadership Council for Digital Infrastructure was an important outcome of the Summit.

The Council is tasked with developing a vision for Canada’s DI that acknowledges the interdependence of all of its parts within a single ‘ecosystem’ — from faster and more robust networking, to the provision of advanced computing capability, and a standardized process to guide how data is created, archived, curated, shared and re-used. The vision also recognizes the importance of continuing to develop and nurture the talent of the highly qualified personnel required to drive the DI ecosystem in an increasingly data intensive world.

In a global race to mine and manage big data, countries that recognize early the importance of leadership in building and sustaining efficient and coordinated digital infrastructure ecosystems will ensure a competitive edge over their global competition. The Leadership Council is committed to ensuring that Canada maintains its strategic advantage in this area.

The Leadership Council is coordinating initiatives to provide:

  • A vision for Canada’s advanced digital infrastructure ecosystem.
  • A forum for all stakeholders in DI to exchange views and coordinate their activities.
  • Opportunities for the community to determine current and future priorities and collective success factors for moving forward – through DI Summit 2014 and associated consultations.
  • An environmental scan of the current state of Canada’s digital infrastructure and that of other jurisdictions – as background for DI Summit 2014.
  • A policy framework and roadmap that will guide collective and concerted actions dealing with digital infrastructure to ensure that future investments are both strategic and maximized – for review at DI Summit 2014.