About the Leadership Council

Who are we?

The Leadership Council for Digital Research Infrastructure brings together the broad group of organizations and institutions responsible for ensuring that Canada’s researchers have access to the advanced digital technologies and humanexpertise that they need for projects involving big data and complex computation.

We are a community-driven organization that provides a unified voice for Canada’s digital research infrastructure community. Our members are deeply immersed and invested in all aspects of digital research infrastructure. We have the expertise and commitment to develop a practical strategy to put Canada at the forefront of computation- and data-intensive research.

What do we do?

We help researchers change the world for the better.

The digital research infrastructure strategy that we are developing will allow researchers to work faster, collaborate better, and to pursue their biggest, most ambitious questions: Questions that address social, economic, health, and environmental challenges. Questions that drive innovation and creativity. Questions that enrich Canada’s future, and that of the world.

Our Vision

A strong and vibrant digital research infrastructure ecosystem that allows Canadians to realize the economic and social benefits of new digital technologies and data by accelerating research, innovation and education.

Our Mission

To provide leadership on behalf of the DRI ecosystem in Canada.

Our Goals are to ensure that:

  1. Canada’s DRI ecosystem is well-governed, user-centered, agile, rooted in a shared vision, accountable, strategic, and sustainable;
  2. Canada’s DRI ecosystem serves the full spectrum of user need from basic to advanced and across all disciplines;
  3. Canada remains a globally competitive leader and collaborator in the field of DRI.

Our Objectives are to:

  1. Provide a forum to ensure that the DRI ecosystem is developed in an integrated and coherent manner;
  2. Provide a central point of contact to help stakeholders navigate and connect within the DRI ecosystem as a whole;
  3. Advance a common understanding of the DRI ecosystem through effective community engagement and shared communications;
  4. Develop and provide advice to governments and other stakeholders on the priorities and needs of the DRI ecosystem in Canada;
  5. Support development of a robust DRI culture and user community in Canada.