Summit 2017

Thank you to all those who attended Summit 2017. Building on the success of previous Summits, we continued to make progress in a number of key areas.

Summit 2017 was a working meeting comprising a series of panels and discussions on data management, advanced research computing, coordination of the DRI ecosystem, security, user community development and support, and the nature of the shared responsibilities of the DRI community.

For those who are interested in learning more about the conversations held during Summit 2017, please find below audio recordings of the plenary sessions, as well as other supporting documents.

Thanks again to all Summit 2017 participants – your insight, expertise, and enthusiasm made the event a success – and to those who are visiting this page to learn more. Our collective contributions will ensure that Canada’s researchers have access to the digital technologies that they need to help build and sustain Canada’s social and economic prosperity for future generations.

Audio Recordings of Plenary Sessions

Morning Breakout Group – Report Back (70mb)

Afternoon Breakout Group – Report Back and Summit Closing (75mb)

Presentation and Discussion – Tri-Agency Data Policy Initiative (125mb)

Summit Opening Remarks and Context Setting (50mb)

Supporting Documents

LCDRI Summit 2017 AgendaSummit 2017 Agenda (PDF)

LCDRI Summit 2017 Workshop and Session SpeakersSummit 2017 Workshop and Session Speakers

LCDRI Summit 2017 Participant ListSummit 2017 Participant List

Breakout Group 1: Advanced Research Computing

Advanced Research ComputingAdvanced Research Computing (ARC)

ARC Supporting Document for Summit (PDF)

Breakout Group 2: Data Management

Advanced Research ComputingData Management (DM)

Data Management Aspirations – Supporting Document (PDF)

Breakout Group 3: Coordination of the Ecosystem

Options for Coordinating Digital Research Infrastructure in Canada (PowerPoint)